The Carters Wedding Day

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It was November 10, 2018, we were booked by The Farleys to film their wedding at the Mankin Mansion in Richmond, Virginia. It was a little chilly but with all the running around we had to do, we soon warmed up. We also had hand warmers in our pockets to keep our hands all cozy. We worked with this sweet young lady named Lauren, the Farleys wedding planner for the day. Little did we know that Lauren would book us in the future for her wedding on October 10th, 2020.

Wedding Day

Fast Forward 2 years to October 10th, 2020 with COVID being a critical factor when it comes to wedding planning, did not put a damper to Lauren & Zach's wedding day. They already planned out their wedding to be very small and family based. Closest relatives from both sides and a very small selection of friends. When I say this wedding party was the perfect size.. it was perfect.

The venue was located at a location I never knew existed and have never heard of it, but I am sure glad I know of this venue now called Virginia House. This house was relocated to Richmond in 1925 and is honestly such a treasure to have in Richmond Virginia. The venue has land, if I remember correctly, that stretches out nearly to the James River (do not quote me on that, I am going off memory).

To set the scene, it was a an overcast day with the chance of rain. Unfortunately it did rain but that worked in our favor..more about the in a second. Since it did rain, they had to move the ceremony location from the beautiful green lush gardens in the back, to inside the manor in the front door entrance that seats about 25 people comfortably.

We started filming the grounds of the venue and worked along side a fantastic photographer named Hannah Malloy. If you are in need of a photographer, look no further, just click on her name and there is a direct link to her work. After filming the grounds, the bride and groom arrived for preparation. Both were pretty much ready, the bride just had to put her dress on and the groom just had to slap his jacket on. My wife and I split up so we could each work with the groom and bride separately. Photographers did the same.

Soon it was time for the first looks! I love first looks, they really just put the cherry on top when it comes to weddings. We agreed upon a location for the first look for the bride and her father which was in the front of the house. That moment was special, father was cool and collected but once he saw his little girl, you could tell he was so proud, happy, and if later on in the day definitely saw some tears, happy tears though.

But let me tell you something my friend, when it was time for the first look between the bride and groom... that right there was special. Im going to create the scene: Bride walking down stone staircase surrounded by lush green plants that overhang the stone staircase railing from slight aesthetic overgrowth, her future husband standing at the bottom of the staircase waiting for her to touch his right shoulder to turn around. He feels the touch. Turns around and sees his beautiful bride in her gorgeous dress. And yea you guessed it, there was some water works coming from his eyes but rightly so!

It is soon time for the ceremony, beautifully organized, with an orchestral team of 4, at the top of the staircase playing the brides entry music. It was honestly perfect. The bride and groom gave their vows, said their I do's and sealed it with a kiss.

We then were able to spend time with the bride and groom, to take post ceremony shots and have them walking around the lush garden in the back of Virginia House. Now remember how I said the rain worked out in our favor.. well in the plot of extensive land behind the Virginia House, because of the weather conditions, was a very moody fog hanging around. So we asked the bride "hey how would you feel about running through that fog?" She took off her shoes and off we went! It was a moment to remember. Adventurous brides that are willing to do things like that really makes filming weddings even more special.

To end the night, the small party went to a booked Restaurant which at the moment I cannot remember the name unfortunately but once I remember I will definitely update this blog. The bride and groom shared their first dance, ate with family, listened to speeches and all in all had a perfect day.

Congrats to Lauren & Zach

Written By: Jeremiah Johnson w/ His & Her Films LLC

** All photos are the work of Hannah Malloy Photography, all photos will be linked directly to her website, if you are interested in her services go holla at her and visit her website linked in the photos as well as anywhere you see the name Hannah Malloy Photography.

*** All video work belong to His & Her Films, come say hello!

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